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Many caravans are exported from The Netherlands. NL Caravans specializes in this and is one of the best and most experienced caravan-exporting companies in The Netherlands. We work closely with others involved in the entire import and export process, so that you only need us as a single point of contact. NL caravans is also specialized in the acquisition of high-quality caravans. Click here to see our selection or look in our portfolio to see our recently sold caravans. If you do not see the caravan you want you can send us an inquiry. We maintain an widespread network of contacts that enables us to respond to your request. Our contact form gives you more information on how this process takes place.

NL Caravans exports over the entire world. Working with the other companies involved in the export process (for example, Shipping companies) we handle the entire export process from the beginning to end for you. Of course you will be fully informed about the cost of the entire process.

As part of our service we give all the caravans a maintenance check and carefully clean tem internally as well as externally before shipping


What we offer


  • All caravans are exported according to the requirements of the European union
  • We work promptly, within 24 hours you will receive a non-binding proposal
  • The caravans are given a maintenance check and a maintenance condition report is delivered with the caravan
  • The caravans are professionally cleaned both internally and externally and a cleaning certificate is delivered with the caravan.
  • The caravans work with 230V/12V
  • We supply a photographic portfolio with all the caravans
  • Our specialty is German caravans produced between 1990-2019. We know this market very well.
  • We supply all export documents and work with you to determine which import documents you must request for your own land
  • our delivery process takes place under clearly stated conditions, click here for the conditions
  • We deliver to countries over the entire world
  • Optional: We can deliver caravans with features such as solar Panels, battery packs and gasboilers. see our assortiment list for more information

In summary, NL Caravans stands for quality at a realistic price. We are only satisfied if you are satisfied.

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